Customized solutions for your growing business.


Project Assist KC will analyze your current business processes and identify opportunities to streamline and improve efficiencies making you and your employees more productive.


With over a decade of Project Management experience, Project Assist KC can lead your business in the implementation of projects both large and small.   Utilizing proven PMI Methodologies, you can be certain that essential documentation will be provided along with hands-on management of resources, timelines and budgets. Project Management can mean the difference between success and failure when you need help with a new product launch, a marketing campaign, technology updates or industry compliance efforts, just to name a few.  Let Project Assist KC take the reins in leading your project to a successful completion!

Project Assist KC provides customized small business solutions to help set your business up for sucess.  Documented policies and procedures esult in more consistent job execution and clarity of expections. In addition, if key personnel leave your business, you don't want valuable information needed to run your business walking out the door!

Need to add staff to your growing business?  Project Assist KC can help create robust job descriptions to help you attract and hire the right person for the job.   I can also help write a job posting, place an ad and screen applicants so your time is spent only on those most qualified for the job. 


Bookkeeping can be tedious and time consuming, but when you fall behind, it can result in late payments to vendors anda backlog of receivables.  Project Assist KC can help on a one-time, monthly or weekly basis to keep your bookkeeping up to date.   Included in this service is follow up with customers who are late paying, updating contact and account informationand running reports to help you manage your business.


Many small businesses don’t require a full-time or even part-time employee to manage their office functions.  Project Assist KC offers one-time, monthly or weekly services to help you stay on track, and you only pay for the time it takes to get the job done.

Small businesses often depend on the feedback their customers provide on social media, Yelp, Google, etc.  Project Assist KC can help you manage your customer feedback in a way that keeps positive responses visible as well as organizing key themes,so they are actionable by your business.  Don’t waste this valuable resource.





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